Friday, December 21, 2012

Do You Believe in Angels? There's one right inside of you.

An Angel In All Of Us

There was once a young lad walking down the streets of Rome, from one end of the city to the other, on his way to visit a relative. While walking, he happened to pass a beautifully impressive cathedral and heard loud sounds coming from the building; they sounded like a lot of pounding.

Deciding to please his curiosity, he approached the building, opened the heavy monolithic door (which creaked as he opened it) and peeked inside the church. Well, all he could see was an old man in front of a big piece of marble, chipping away with a chisel and a hammer.

The young man probably thought to himself, "Well, it must be something very important because he doesn't even notice me". He then left the cathedral and continued on his journey.

Days later, he returned on the same route. It seemed like the old man was still going at it, so he decided to ask him what he was really doing.

He again went to the monolithic door, opened it and looked inside. To his amazement, there was a big statue of a cherub standing right between the presbytery and the sanctuary, with wings spread out wide open, almost as if in full flight, light shining on it through the stained glass windows, and graced the front of the church.

He could not help it but the next moment he was right next to the old man, with his jaw hanging wide open. He stared with absolute amazement and a puzzled look on his face. He just could not understand how the old man knew that there was an angel in that piece of marble and he could not help but asked him, "Sir, how did you know that there was an angel in that piece of marble?"

The old man turned around and looked at him straight in the eyes and replied: "Son, there is an angel in each and everyone of us. All we need to do is to take a hammer and a chisel and chip away all those little pieces that do not look like an angel."

Moral Of The Story: There is an angel in all of us. Just chip away all those bad pieces that look nothing like an angel and we are all complete, with wings and a halo.

--- From A Visiting Catholic Priest --- Submitted by Olehile Thataone
I heard this story almost 15 years ago, told by our Catholic Church visiting Priest, whose name and face I cannot remember   .