Saturday, December 15, 2012

Little Angels

With Thanks to Ronen Cohen, an Israeli, who has taken the time to show and share his Grief with us all, by making this Badge.....רונן תודה רבה לך אחי

Shalom, Chaverim, Friends,
שלום חברים- ולילה טוב -אני פתוח שהלב של עם ישראל יחד עם האמריקנים באסון שקרה אז בבקשה לכתוב משהו באנגלית לחברים האמריקנים לתת להם לב של עם ישראל ולהגיד להם שאתם ישראלים תודה רבה שבוע טוב חברים

Time for us in Israel to say "Laila-Tov"- "Good Night"- Again we can only say we grieve with the families whom have lost their Loved Ones,and Yes, "Israel Stands with the USA"......and in honor of those brutally slain....we in Israel, wear this Badge as a symbol of the horrific Grief you are all going through.....G-d bless You all and G-d Bless America.......with much love .

Israel Stands with the USA- At this time of great grieving sorrow that we pray the Almighty, Blessed me his name, help to heal the loss of such young lives. What can one say to a grieving, Mother, Father, Brother and Sister May G-d bless them and help them with their great loss...