Monday, December 3, 2012

Women are Suckers...The Lies Men Tell

Book Reviews:
Women are Suckers…The Lies Men tell
·       I've read a lot of relationship books and it was the first one that I had read that really focused on a man's point of view and basically told women when it was time to walk away and how to recognize whether a man is a good decent man or not, not yet ready to commit or never will commit, etc. I'm giving this book four stars because it lives up to its title - its straight talk. He's telling women things they might not want to hear. I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars because I know some men who are not portraying themselves anything like the men he describes. I don't doubt that his research is accurate for most men, though.-Penny

·       The advice for women looking for a man is basically to look your best all of the time, and to hold out on the bedroom for until you get to know him better - which requires being inquisitive and asking detailed questions. This book is chock full of great tidbits for women already in a relationship, living with a man, and married to help you get along with your man better.-SuzyQ

·       The novel is bursting with vibrant themes such as adolescent challenges, sexuality, spirituality, and race relations. At the same time, the novel centers around the communications differences between men and women coming of age, and women who struggle to save their individuality, not only in her, own relationship but also in family.-Sandra

·       The author manages to tackle complex topics while still keeping the tone of the novel fresh and entertaining. The crucial issues facing women and men are discussed in a meaningful way, throughout the dialogue of the each situation that a woman faces. This book will make you challenge your attitudes about sexuality, spirituality, and race relations and raising children to become young men.-Angela

·       Every woman who reads this book will see herself in one way or another, but more importantly they will see every man they ever knew, from their fathers to their husbands or lovers. Sometimes funny, sometimes revealing, an easy read that brings to light the good, the bad, and the ugly truth about the man of their dreams.  Jvece     
        Must read for the woman that wants to know what makes a man tick...The author takes you inside the mindset of a man. How he thinks, feels, what his words really mean...this book is eye opening, brutally direct, and truthful. You will laugh ,cry, be shocked ,get angry and think about the men in your life and your relationship’s...past, present and will no longer be in denial.- L. Gilbert Available