Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Time to Remember

The angel praises were of peace
The night of Jesus' lowly birth;
Yet trouble here still does not cease,
And wars and wrongs remain on earth.
Where is this "peace on earth" for men
That rang so sweet on Bethlehem's hills,
That sent the shepherds seeking then
The Saviour who would cure their ills?
I've found this peace is at the cross
Where all our sins on Christ were laid;
For while He suffered untold loss,
The sinner's peace with God was made.
I've found it also at His throne;
For Christ who died, now also lives;
And as I've met Him there alone,
I've known the peace the Saviour gives.
Someday the world will know real peace,
For Christ will come as King to reign;
Creation then will find release,
And "on earth peace" will ring again.
...Roger F. Campbell